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December  2018

What makes Duraguard different?

Duraguard furniture, a commercial grade furniture line that utilizes the latest resin impregnation technology to create a product that can stand up to the harshest enviroments. Designed to cope with extreme remediation temperatures and resistant to harsh cleaning solutions, Duraguard is highly resistant to liquids, dents, dings, and scratches, making it perfect for healthcare, assisted living, dorm rooms, community facilities and the hospitality market.

Duraguard doesn’t use wood in its products so there is no chance of delamination while creating a bug free, easily cleanable with any cleaning agent, fire retardant line of furniture designed for applications that require that extra degree of durability. Duraguard is 25 to 50% heavier than conventional wood based furniture so it stays in place. It is bedbug proof and fire retardant.

Commercial Grade

• No Visible Hardware
• No Wood


• Bedbug Proof
• Impervious to Cleaning Chemicals and Liquids
• Available in copper infused material that kills 99.9% of germs on contact

Fire Retardant

• Withstands Temperatures from -50° F to 150° F

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